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 Well Kay~ Random Long Break~

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PostSubject: Well Kay~ Random Long Break~   Fri Apr 09, 2010 5:08 pm

So like I'm guessing I've been gone for a week or more now I dunno...

Not that I've stopped Mabi or anything just ultimately in that "I am completely bored with gaming" mood. Was ROing a bit with Masa and Chiko, but even that got zZz. nearly done with XIII, but suddenly stopped and still haven't defeated the Gabriel Celeste let alone the Queen in SO4. I think the only big big things I've done gaming wise was rape RED in Mt.Silver in Pokemon HeartGold and get that 3mil points Achievement in Metal Slug XBoxLive Arcade on Hard Mode. Ultimately I'm bored and have been watching/finishing animu. New season seems very good atm tho already some disappointments with some shows, but not enough to entirely piss me off... I mean yeah... a couple of last season's shows did make me demand some season 2's C:. In any case ye~ah I'm not dead if anyone was wondering ^________^.

Feel free to chat me up in MSN. I think I just wasn't signed on for the past week or so~ May or may not answer ye~ I'll just be watching animu, reading manga and contemplating why I am so discontent with my current lifestyle, huhuhu~

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Well Kay~ Random Long Break~
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