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 Peaca Int - Layin' Down Da Rulez

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PostSubject: Peaca Int - Layin' Down Da Rulez   Fri Nov 19, 2010 10:55 pm

Okay, got a couple things to clear up, since things weren't very clear last time. Guess I will edit this as we do more Peacas, and perhaps the rules will change.

The rules are here to make sure everyone is clear about what's happening with the drops, this time. Also something on Cloaker rooms too.

But here are the rules - It applys to everyone who goes on the run:

1. All Ghast equipment drops will be traded to Marie right after the room is cleared. Distribution of drops can happen after the dungeon. In most cases, the equipments will be sold for guild profit, aka equip upgrades for people who request it/who the guild sees fit. If this rule is broken, well, let's just say it would be disappointing to see something like that happen.

2. The end chest keys -will- go to Hakai. If he is not in party by the end of the dungeon, then this rule is forfeited, and the chest key can go to whoever has the enchanted pre-requisites ready for steel needle.

3. For Cloaker rooms, use a pet to distract other monsters while we handle the cloakers first. Summon a pet with fire/ice counter ai (both provided below), use "smash!" as the first attack (due to ping issues). Everyone is expected to have their pets set with fire/ ice counter ai in these rooms.

4. Every 3rd drop that is not already distributed ahead of time -will- be randomly given to a member who was a part of the run. However this "raffle" is voluntary, so if you don't genuinely want the item, please say "count me out." Keep in mind that you are -not- allowed to sell these items for personal profit. If you get it, it's for you to wear/use, but never to sell.

Ice Counter AI:

Fire Counter AI:

Distribution of drops basically goes like this: If the equipment makes you stronger, you can be considered for it. However, keep in mind that weapons like the Highlanders Long Bow and the Highlanders Claymore is worth 5m+, and 5mil can go a long way in terms of basic equipment upgrades for other people. In other words, if you are not pretty much at end-game equipments, it's not sensible to ask for an end-game weapon as weapon -do- deteriorate faster than equipment.

Distribution of Drop for Tomorrow's Run:

Highlander's Long Bow: Runachan
Highlander's Claymore: Marie5

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Peaca Int - Layin' Down Da Rulez
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