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 Guild Info and Updatez~ 2/28/2011

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PostSubject: Guild Info and Updatez~ 2/28/2011   Mon Feb 28, 2011 12:25 pm

So, as most of you should know by now, I am now the fourth leader of Baconkkake, and Bangraa is my officer. Does Bangraa have a gray name by the way? Anyways, recently Bangraa and I had a short private meeting as to what will be coming in the guild. We have many surprises in store, though wont tell you all of them, but this new forum section is exactly for that, to keep you in the know! -theme music-

So, some things will be changing in the guild, the first of which will be the forums. I'd like them to be more widely used, it is a place for conversation, not a place to gather dust. A place that should bring us closer. Now, there will be some changes on the forums: new sections, ect ect to allow for the guild member to post easier and more often. I will also have updates often regarding inter-guild stuff, guild stuff, as well as event information. So do try to check the forums at least once or twice a day. To avoid confusion Smile

Next, Events. We will have more, and more often. So long as interest holds, however. Expect two events soon, a guild one, and a conjoined event with the guild, Blackroses. The guild only one will be challenging, yet fun. Whereas the one with Blackroses will be a tad easier, but still fun. That's all I can say right now on events.

Now for budget. Marie has left us 11.5 million as a gift to all of us. Me and Bangraa has somewhat decided on using 2.5 million on merchanting, and the rest on you all, for upgrades and enchants. However, I would like your view on owning a castle again. That would be tricky though, as no one really wants to put houses up for auction. Please reply and let me know how you feel.

And on a short note, we reduced the application level to 500 temporarily, so we may get more active members. Because of this, there will be no conjoined interview, all interviews will remain between Me, Bangraa, or both and the applicant.

That's pretty much all there is now.
Sampapa, OOT.

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PostSubject: Re: Guild Info and Updatez~ 2/28/2011   Thu Mar 03, 2011 1:56 pm

Personally owning the castle would be awsome again Very Happy! and shiz th eonly thing that need's to be done is my dam firewand Blue stone's but that feel impossible to get these day's eoe.
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Guild Info and Updatez~ 2/28/2011
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