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 Nexon's End Gaming Me. Forced to Quit? Possibly... -8/9/11

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PostSubject: Nexon's End Gaming Me. Forced to Quit? Possibly... -8/9/11   Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:59 pm

Last night I got a ticket response from Nexon, Finally. Hoping to see that they fixed my character, I was left with sorrow. In it's entirety, it basically said "Upon our investigation we have deemed your character beyond recovery. We suggest deleting your character and creating a new one to experience the game of Mabinogi again! "

To hell with you Nexon. I'm not giving up, I'll keep bugging you until you get off your lazy butt and give me my character back. After all, this is due to YOUR incompetents to keep packer editors off the game. Fix this crap. NOW.

I'll post the entire ticket response after work.

If it comes to this, I'll most likely be quitting, this is bull. Absolute bull.

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Nexon's End Gaming Me. Forced to Quit? Possibly... -8/9/11
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